Q & A with Kate Athmer: Millennial Reboot

CEO GIRL: Can you give us a brief overview of the book

Kate: It’s a book for Millennials on how to succeed within the corporate framework, rather than feeling their only option is to become an entrepreneur. Most Millennials aren’t ready for a 4-hour work week or to be their own boss, but they also don’t want to “sell out” and completely change who they are just to have a dull existence in a corporation. So we offer practical tools, tips, and tricks to bridge the communication gaps between different workplace mentalities and to pave the way for progress.

CEO Girl: Why did you decide to write Millennial Reboot?

Kate: A lot of our peers, including some of our best friends, are both frustrated with their options and not really sure how or where to start looking for a path to advancement. We’ve found ourselves coaching our friends and recent graduates on a lot of the subtle strategies that were missing from their previous training in either college, or the workplace. We were lucky enough to have a lot of great mentors and opportunities that brought us to the point, and this is our way of paying it forward – or as we like to say, sending the elevator back down.

CEO Girl: We love that saying! Did you enjoy writing the book or did it have it’s ups and downs?

Kate: Most of the process was enjoyable! We had the chance to interview a wide range of people, Millennials and not, to gain different perspectives and suggestions on the content. And we learned a LOT. The only downside was not seeing our friends very much while we worked to complete it.

CEO Girl: We completely understand. We are in the process of writing our first book called Authentic Inside and it has been a journey, to say the least! We are hoping our book will help readers find their authentic self and share it with the world. How do you hope your book will help others?

Kate: We hope to help the readers find new ways to advance themselves without giving up what makes them so efficiently awesome. For example, how to:

  • Meet corporate expectations without sacrificing authenticity.
  • Adapt to a variety of challenging workplace personalities.
  • Initiate change within an established corporate framework.
  • Negotiate effectively to advance ideas and career trajectory.
  • Anticipate roadblocks and maintain momentum.

CEO Girl: So tell us, where can we buy the book?

Kate: The Paperback and Kindle version are both available on Amazon. And the digital version is only 99 cents through Dec 11th!

Get Your Copy Of Millennial Reboot Here!

CEO Girl: Are you planning on writing other books in the future?

Kate: Probably! It’s inevitable that this book will become outdated as the world changes, so we will likely need to do an update at minimum. To combat this somewhat, we’ve also started a blog where we will continue to post fresh ideas and content. You can find that at MillennialReboot.com

CEO Girl: Where else can we find you?





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